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My mom always told me this was Sophia Loren’s pasta recipe…


My mom always told me this was Sophia Loren’s pasta recipe…


I can neither confirm or deny, but it’s easy and perfect for hot weather cooking.

Pasta Puttanesca

4-6 minced cloves of garlic

4 anchovy fillets

A good handful of fresh basil, like five sprigs or a cup — chopped

A dash of red pepper flakes (I don’t like things so hot I can’t taste anything else and my upper lip breaks out into a sweat, but if you do add a half a teaspoon.)

2 Tablespoons minced…

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Anonymous Can I request a romantic Dinner with suga. Fiancé anon


Your boyfriend, Yoongi, has been working extremely hard this past week. He’s been staying at the studio for longer hours and has been practicing even longer. Although he is lazy, he loves working and is passionate about what he does, which also attracted you to him.

Feeling a bit lonely since Yoongi was going to work late tonight also, you decided to do something for him. You wanted to show him that what he does is appreciated not only by his fans, but also his loving girlfriend.  You think long and hard about what you could do for him that would make his day.

Hmm, well he’s always hungry when he gets back. And that’s when it struck you. You’ll make a him a nice dinner to show how much you do appreciate and love him.

You hurry into the kitchen and began to pull out all the ingredients you can find. What can I make him? Looking at the ingredients you pulled out, you try to think of a meal that he would enjoy. Although it wouldn’t matter what you cooked him as long as it had meat and tasted good.

With that being said you begin to cook, pulling out all the pots and pans you need. You chop things, mix them together, and cook the meat in the pan. Occasionally you look at the clock, making sure that you’ll have enough time do everything you wanted

After you finish cooking the food you grab the plates from the cabinet and begin to make them. You place the food you cooked on each plate the same five star restaurants do, making sure that everything look as appealing and beautiful as possible. After the food is arranged how you want on the plate you place them on the dining room table.

You then glance over at the clock and notice the time. You’re shocked as the time seems to have sped up as you were getting ready. You quickly run into the bathroom and take a shower to refresh yourself for your boyfriend. When you’re done you race to your closet where you find a nice red dress, that just so happened to hug your body perfectly.

Grabbing candles from the bathroom cabinet, you hurry to arrange the table to that it gives off a romantic vibe. You place the candles around the table and nearly destroy the kitchen while looking for a match or lighter. After what seemed like a week of searching, you finally find a lighter. You run back to the table and light all the candles. After they are lit, you place the lighter back in its drawer and dim the dining room lights.

Right as you dim them, the door opens. You freeze as Yoongi walks in, takes his shoes off, and places his bag down. He looks at you in the red dress and smirks.

"I’m so lucky to come home to you everyday." Yoongi begins to walk towards you. He wraps his arms around your waist, not even noticing the food on the table.

Before he can kiss you you turn your head and look at the table. He follows your eyes and smiles even harder. “And you made dinner! Jagi you are so great!”

You smile and reply to him, “Then sit down and eat, you look tired.”

He sits down in the chair across from you and smiles as he looks at the meal you cooked for him. He happily eats with you and tells you about his day. You feel bad because he was working so hard but it didn’t seem to bother him much. He asks about your day and you gladly tell him how nice your lazy day was.

Yoongi complements your cooking every chance he gets. You smile and thank him when he does. However, your cooking isn’t the only thing he complements.

"Jagiya where did you get the dress?"

"Oh I’ve always had it." You reply to him.

"Really? How come you’ve never worn it before?"

"I haven’t had a reason to before."

"Really, so what’s reason why you wore it today?" Yoongi asks you with a smirk on his face.

"You’ve been working so hard, I thought I’d give you a little present." You slyly reply to him.

Yoongi bites his lip and eyes you. “A great meal and an even better girlfriend. Man am I lucky.”

You smile at your boyfriends complement to you. He was grateful for having you but you were even more. Yoongi was perfect for you, and even though you couldn’t see him as much as other girls got to see their boyfriend, you could never complain.

You both finish eating and Yoongi sits back in his chair. “Jagi this meal was really nice.” He then smiles and gets up from the table.

With his plate in his hand, he walks to you and grabs your plate as well. “Yoongi I’ll do the dishes, don’t worry about them.” You protest before he can reach the kitchen.

He simply smiles and pecks your cheek, continuing into the kitchen. You get and follow him, still trying to convince him to just go and lay down. He however ignores your wishes and begins the dishes.


Winner ~Suga~ ✸


Request: Hi! I love your scenarios! Can I ask for a scenario when Suga from BTS gets jealous because one of his member is trying to make you fall in love with him and Suga wants to win your heart? (He didn’t confess to you yet). I hope I didn’t make so much details for this, and thank you for your work! You’re doing a great job here! Love you <3

Comments: Well thank you for reading my work! This is my first BTS scenario, so I hope you enjoy. I love yaaa toooo ^^         


“Hyung, is _______ coming over today?” Namjoon asked Suga curiously as he fell down on the couch.

         Suga gave him a strange look and nodded his head slowly. “Yeah,” he replied. “Why?”

         Namjoon shrugged. “I just heard she was coming. It’d be nice to see her.”

         “Yeah. Real nice.” Suga nodded once more and turned around to leave the room, trying hard not to make much out of Namjoon’s words.

         Why in the world was Namjoon particularly interested if you were coming over or not? He’d never really cared before, why did he care now?

         “Stop freaking out over nothing,” Suga muttered to himself as he stepped inside his room and shut the door behind him. The reason why Suga had invited you over today was because he thought it would finally be the day that he confessed to you.

         Even though he had said this many times to himself, he was sure that today would finally be the day.

         Suga sat down on the floor and started thinking up numerous ways that he could confess. He had a little hope in him that you felt the same, but that didn’t mean his confession should be any less thought out.

         After a few minutes, Suga pulled out his phone and checked the time. He frowned; you should’ve been here by now.

         He was about to call you and ask what was taking you so long, but he suddenly heard your laughter erupting from the other room, causing him to stiffen. “_______?” he said aloud.

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~ Bom Inspired Eyes ~

One eye swelled up (allergy issue) so I thought I’d glue on a loada lashes…
Lipstick from Barry M